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Trilobite - TPU (flexible, Rubber-like) - 3D Printed - Articulated / Flexi / Fidget / Toy

Trilobite - TPU (flexible, Rubber-like) - 3D Printed - Articulated / Flexi / Fidget / Toy

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ℹ️ 3D PRINTED - As with all 3D printed products, this product may include visible layer lines and minor defects.

💪Made with semi-soft, semi-flexible, rubber-like and durable TPU material.

Model by MTSTKSK on Cults3D

Licensed under the CC BY-SA license.

Introducing the articulated trilobite - a unique piece of art that captures the beauty of the ancient creatures that once roamed the earth. This trilobite is a replica of its fossilized counterparts, featuring stunning details and realistic textures that make it look like it just crawled out of the ocean floor.

With its fully articulated body, this trilobite can be posed in countless positions, allowing you to display it in a variety of ways. Its movable segments and limbs give it a lifelike quality that is sure to amaze anyone who sees it.

This trilobite is a perfect gift for the science enthusiast, paleontology buff, or anyone who appreciates the wonders of the natural world. It also makes a unique addition to any collection of fossils, minerals, or other natural artifacts.

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